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For many women, it's something they'd rather not discuss -- a lack of passion in the bedroom. But a new product for women is helping rekindle the romance. 7's lynn martinez with tonight's special assignment report: Sexual solution.

WSVN--From taboo to temptation, it used to be sinful to talk about sex.

But the rules have changed.

Now, sex is often the subject of girl talk

Katya Sullivan: "I knew that my husband deserved better out of me."

Married just two years, 54-year-old Katya Sullivan lost her sex drive.

Katya Sullivan: "I felt like there was someone else in my skin and that I had to work at being satisfied."

It's a problem nearly half of all women face at one time or another.

Dr. Andre Guay: "Most women who come in complain of decreased libido, decreased sex drive."

Rosalyn Adams also lost her love connection.

Rosalyn Adams: "One of the main things I had was having trouble with was orgasm."

But these women found their sexual solution in an over-the-counter all natural oil called Zestra.

Katya Sullivan: "It's tremendous."

Made from seed oil, primrose oil, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, Zestra works by dilating the blood vessels boosting circulation and intensifying sensations.

Katya Sullivan: "For a first in our relationship he had to say no sometimes."

All women have to do is rub the love potion on and about 15 minutes later... It increases sexual arousal.

But best of all, there are no known side effects.

The man can even wear a condom.

Katya Sullivan: "I'm feeling passion that I did not feel for a long time."

Lynn Martinez: "Just keep in mind, Zestra does not work for everyone. Fifteen percent of women claim the oil had no effect on them. Plus doctors recommend not using it if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive."

Dr. Robert Fields: "There's no one product that is made and that will cure all intimacies problems."

Many factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, psychological issues and alcohol abuse can also stunt your sexual desire.

But for healthy women who need a boost, this could be their sexual solution.

Katya Sullivan: "It's the difference between being lukewarm and having hot moments and that's what everyone wants in a marriage."

One box of Zestra costs about $25, and it's available at most drug stores.


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